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SMARTPHONES – In the turmoil, Nokia does not Android or Windows 7 Phone

Nokia is changing. Five weeks after the arrival of his new boss, the number one mobile phone announced Thursday, Oct. 21, both good financial results and 1,800 job cuts. The stock market has reacted immediately: the Nokia shares jumped 6.3%. Stephen Elop, Microsoft defector and first non-Finn to lead the builder, said: «We face a period of remarkable disturbance in the area with recent results showing that we must reassess our role and our approach.»

The 1,800 job cuts (3% of staff) mainly concern the division charged with developing the Symbian operating system. Too old, it is pointed at to explain the shift by Nokia missed the smartphone market, facing the iPhone (Apple), BlackBerry (RIM), and other Android Phone (Google).

While Microsoft has launched Windows Phone 7, Thursday, Oct. 21, Nokia is now facing a more serious competitor for its operating systems house. However, Nokia does not sell Windows Phone or Android Phone.”We are very proud of our solutions, there are no plans to go on other systems,” said a spokesman at

MeeGo, the future operating system from Nokia

Competition, it does not have such qualms: in spite of its investments in its own system, Bada, Samsung has achieved a masterstroke with the Galaxy S (Android), a clone of the iPhone is selling like hotcakes since the summer. And Korean is also part of the privileged partners of Microsoft to launch Windows Phone 7. Time will tell whether it is better to fight on all fronts, including Samsung, or focus on its own software, like Nokia.

The Finnish giant has three operating systems house. The first, Series 40 (evolution of the old Series 30), equips its entry-level phones and allows only a few multimedia features and the Internet. Symbian, which has existed for over ten years, Team 200 million smartphones of the brand, including the highest quality.

Widely criticized, he could be gradually abandoned in favor of MeeGo. Nokia indeed places great hope in the future operating system, which must be presented in greater detail during a conference of 15 to 17 November next. Finally, in the stores, as may be related to operating systems and strongly influence their success, Nokia has also caught up. Its Ovi Store, only 16,000 applications are available for high-end smartphones, cons over 300,000 on App Store, and 140,000 for the Android Market from Google.

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