How to Recognize Google Filter?


When such suspicion arises, you should first make sure that it really concerns us – perhaps it is a premature alarm. We should not suspect a filter in a situation where we have recorded a decrease by several positions, it is rather about the inability to find the page in the search engine for the phrases we place. We should then follow these steps:

Check that the page is indexed

How to do this is clearly written in the help for Google webmasters, generally just type in the search engine, for example, “site:”. We should see a list of pages indexed in google for our domain, if nothing is displayed … this matter is more serious and means a ban from Google – being thrown out of the index.
You can also check if your page is indexed using Google Webmaster Tools.

I assume that the page is in the index and this is where the question arises …

How long have you been missing the page in search results?

If everything was fine yesterday, please be patient, often such situations are temporary, let’s say google introduces some changes and in a few days everything will be as old as possible. So if the change is still fresh, be patient and start worrying if it takes a few days – a week. Sometimes sudden changes in search results are called Google Dance – Search results are created on the basis of data from different DCS (Data Centers), often when updating them large fluctuations in results are observed and this is a normal temporary phenomenon.

Check that the page is on the first results page for its full name

For this page, I should type in the search engine “Gonzo’s SEO Blog – positioning and optimization” or just “Gonzo’s SEO Blog”, generally the point is to enter a unique name for the page. If there is no domain on page 1, it is almost certainly a filter.

Check the domain in other search engines

Simply enter the phrases for which the page had good results in a search engine that does not use Google technology, such as Yahoo, Newsprint, or Ask. If the page is still high in them, it clearly indicates a penalty (filter) from Google. At the same time, check the search results for several phrases, there is no one type of filter and often it only applies to a selected phrase.

Consider whether you used any positioning methods that were inconsistent with Google’s guidelines

Very often it is the answer to all doubts, for example, if you offered paid links on your website or used them (the same is the case with Link Exchange Systems) – you can be sure that you have been punished for it. You can also read about other reasons why you may have been punished in this post.

If you still have doubts, ask the others

A good place to look for advice is the Google Webmaster Support Forum, Indexing, and Ranking section. In case there is something wrong with your domain, it will most likely be pointed out there. You can also look for help on the Positioning and Optimization forum.

Even if you got a filter, don’t give up, most likely it is only temporary and if you just remove its cause, you will return to your previous positions in the search results over time. After removing the possible cause of the filter, be sure to return the page for consideration with an apology. It is recommended that you admit your sins honestly in your submission. The reconsideration page can be added via Google Webmaster Tools at this link.

If it makes someone with problems feel better, I will add that I am currently struggling with the problem described above for this domain. I suggest using VPS Server hosting for the betterment of your websites and also reduce the chances of striking from any other server in the same niche.

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