Good Parenting Skills and Methods


Not many people would say that being a parent is simple but, like everything else, there are skills that you can develop that will help make the job easier. It is really easy to think that you’re making solid parenting decisions when everything is going really well. If you find that things have become difficult, though, it’s time to start taking a look at your parenting skills and how you can develop them.

Unlike in earlier times, many parents today attempt to raise their kids alone. Single parenting for real is difficult enough but it is even worse when a two-parent household allows each parent to behave as if they were a single parent in terms of raising kids. Try to find help and advice in as many places as you can get it which can include your own parents, your brothers and sisters, and your friends.

Anyone who has raised children themselves can help you out in the areas of parenting that you find the hardest. Older family members, for example, though perhaps not up to date with every aspect of contemporary life, often have quite a lot of experience and wisdom when it comes to parenting and other life issues.

You’ve probably been told that the highest priority for a parent is to be as selfless as possible and to always put the kids before everything else. While it is true that all parents have to make sacrifices you also need to make sure that you meet your own needs. Parents who neglect their own needs just get burnt out and this has a detrimental effect on their own parenting skills.

You need to make sure that you make some ‘you’ time. This also means that it is important to take some alone time with your partner and your spouse. Kids are incredibly important but they do not have to be the center of your whole universe 24/7. This is detrimental both to you and to them as it keeps them from having to grow their own resourcefulness.

Lots of kids today are in the habit of spending each and every spare moment in front of their television sets, computer screens, or on their phones. This is why one of your parenting skills needs to be teaching your kids to find value in free play. In addition to the organized activities for which you have signed them up, don’t forget how valuable old fashioned playtime at the park, on the playground, or during play dates with friends can be.

Science has proven that kids who don’t do enough free play are more likely to develop a variety of behavioral issues like ADD, depression, and aggression. A good way to encourage this is to have family day trips on weekends that include activities like hiking, walking in the woods, swimming, and other outdoor activities.

The parenting skills outlined in this article are just some things that every parent should be aware of. Parenting skills involve many different things from active listening to your kids to knowing when they need to be disciplined. To be a good parent you need to understand where the line is between being involved and helping them grow up to be self-sufficient.

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