Sleep Apnea Treatment for Toddlers and Young Kids


Just envision a toddler having a difficulty making head or tail of emotions as one goes through sleep apnea. A toddler and even an older child will only respond to sleep deprivation and lack of oxygen in sleep helplessly.

They are commonly misunderstood if the parents lack the faintest idea of what sleep apnea is. What kind of sleep apnea treatment can be expected from parents who lack the knowledge about sleep apnea in the first place? Do you have a way of knowing if your kid is suffering from this sleep disorder?

Even adults who have sleep apnea are mostly unaware that they have the disorder. Unfortunately, this lack of awareness is extended to sleep apneas among children. Most people take snoring lightly without associating it with disorders like sleep apnea. Without a diagnosis, there can be no sleep apnea treatment. The possibility of treatment comes with diagnosis.

Sleep apnea in children on the whole happens between ages 2 to 6 years old. It is one disorder that is best managed and treated before the child starts attending classes. There are many possible treatments. In about 90 percent of cases where tonsils and adenoids are the identified causes, surgical removal takes care of sleep apnea among children.

Harsher surgical procedures are reserved as terminal solutions only when some other solutions do not work.

Milder solutions can be adopted with the guidance of a sleep expert and a therapist. Sleep apnea treatment must depend on the toddler’s physical condition, medical history, and results of diagnostic tests. Strict monitoring can be paired up with a mechanical or behavioral remedy to try something milder initially.

If the kid is overweight, dieting and activities may be utilized to stimulate weight loss; sleeping position may also be modified. Mechanical solutions are done with CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) or with a dental appliance. These are, less feasible because excessive movements lead to constant dislodging of devices.

What must parents do to improve the chance of the chosen sleep apnea treatment? Nothing can be more important than immediately committing to a solution and working closely with the doctors.

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