Online Child Safety and Parents


You naturally want your kids to be safe online, but at the same time, you don’t want to have to police them every minute. How do you give your children freedom, but watch them at the same time.? As long as you communicate with your children, and build trust, they will know how to avoid trouble, or tell you about it.

The life of a parent is giving guidance and the internet is no different. It is good to give your children some freedom as they grow up, and the following hints will provide some protection while they are online.

Sometimes kids have problems not from anonymous predators online, but from other kids from their school or the neighborhood. When harassment and bullying occur online, it is referred to as cyber-bullying. Emails, social network sites, or instant messages can all be used to do this. Due to these tactics, there are stories of children being driven to suicide.

While things don’t usually reach this extreme, it’s important to keep the lines of communication open with your children so they feel they can talk to you about such matters. If you find your child is being bulled there are some actions you can take like contacting their parents, notifying the school, or telling the site or platform that they are using.

Parents may seem overly protective when they want to know everything about your friends, but when you are a parent you will understand. Circumstances happen in life that are unhealthy for children, and parents have a responsibility to direct them. The internet can end up being a scary place for children, if they are not careful, and open with their parents.

There are many scammers online, and they are hard to tell which is which. So keep track of who your child’s online friends are, and instruct them not to share personal information with anyone they haven’t met in person. Your phone number, or where you live are bits of information your children must not give out online, especially to strangers.

Many predators are lurking in chatrooms, and plenty of other places, with the sole purpose of seeking out children. According to the FBI, a child going into any kind of public chatroom will almost certainly be contacted by such a predator. It is a sad fact, that modern life has the bad as well as the good. Even when you are there to supervise them, it is bad enough to allow your children in chatrooms.

Even older children and teenagers should be warned about not taking people’s identities at face value and certainly to never give out any personal information or photographs. AIM or AOL Instant Messenger is another area you should pay attention to because next to chatrooms this is the next likely place for predators.

To protect your child better you need to be familiar with their online activities. Make it clear to your child that if they try to stop you from doing this then you want to know what they are doing and who they are talking to online. Although there is no reason to be scared about this, you should take these basic precautions.

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