Michael Jackson Costume Pieces You Would Not Rule Out


Anybody brooding about being fashionable as Michael Jackson for Halloween or for their next costume party possibly already has a particular Michael style in their mind. Irrespective of which time you’re heading with, there are a few pieces that you can not abandon or you simply ruin the Michael Jackson costume altogether. But don’t worry, here are the 6 pieces you must understand about so you aren’t lost:

Piece one: The Glove – Michael wore this single sequin glove for decades and it appeared that so did all folk around the planet – specifically in the 1980′s. For anybody that is considering a Michael Jackson costume, this is one piece you do not ever wish to leave home without and it’ll also quickly let folks know who you are.

Piece two: The Hat – you’ll be able to look into any picture of Michael Jackson and find out this famous black fedora that he consistently wore up till his death. It doesn’t actually matter which decade of style you are going for, no Michael Jackson costume will be perfect without this famous hat. And, the good this is that you should be capable of finding it online or domestically fairly cheap.

Piece three: The Red Jacket – When you’re not the perfect age to reflect upon the famous red jacket with the gold chains and zips, then it should not be challenging to pull up a photo of Michael putting it on. This jacket made waves all around the planet, and in the 1980′s if you did not have one, then you simply were not cool. The same applies to any Michael Jackson costume, if you do not have the jacket, you aren’t cool.

Piece four: Huge Police Sun shades – These may not have been so easy to spot but just look thru the uncountable millions of footage of Michael Jackson out there to determine exactly what these glasses appeared to be so you can get your own for your Michael Jackson costume. These over-sized Police or flier glasses have a dark lens with silver frames and are reasonably easy to choose up at any shop.

Piece five: Army Inspired Clothing – These are the jackets and suits that he was wearing through different tours and videos that were more of a dress style army jacket.

They generally had metallic decorations on them, routinely on the shoulders and chest, occasionally on the sleeves too. So, for any Michael Jackson costume that doesn’t include the trademark red one, the army jacket should be the other one that you can’t miss.

Piece six: Black Leather Shoes – whatever if you looked over his shoes or not, Michael was noted for wearing these same types of shoes for decades. They were excellent for the moonwalk, his other dance moves, spinning, or just strolling around, and you’ll need to have these to complete your Michael Jackson costume if you’d like it to all flow together.

For anyone prepared to put together their own Michael Jackson costume, these are the 6 pieces that you’ve got to possess in your outfit for effectiveness. While you do not have to have them all concurrently, you must have most of them so you don’t screw up and finish up in 2nd place.

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