Bie Keang Division Go Out Exhibit New York to Basically Change Outer View


The United States is new car Biekeangkelei (detail picture quotes) it is that one brand annual sell 3 the quantity is best a car that crosses a boundary, since what people suffers since choosing a life 2007 love. Although of that car altering was not very much, the coming year, in that case, is neat year 58 thousand sell selling achievement to borrow is banner at being the same as a class other right sufficient.

In view of this, general motors were rolled out carefully fall 2013 Angkelei after class, as far as possible, the change that has too much lunar New Year’s Eve points out on the rigid structure of the new car. Fasten a gram to fall that the “that class weighs to doing is” reactionary sex, it is to be in only in the change that watches and orders on an interior trim style very lunar New Year’s Eve, can give by drive the perception with more expensive personnel, carry at the same time fell the An Qi sex of the car.

Of the car mid, 2013 hold the face before division thunder collects those who used new fund high, cooperate classics of the battle of the lamp of LED daytime drive a vehicle too redesigned spotlight, settle on comes even more fierce. The configuration of the bonnet is petty change a bit, the chromium that indicates a case of the bar before the chute type of the gender was employing black now is built endure go to, it seems that abstruse a lot of.

The design of the car end also produced change, included to use the odd exhaust end of LED taillight and the whole form of characters or letters to be in charge of. The new fund holds division thunder high to 19 inches can choose with 20 inches of the hub of two kinds of norms, its color also is maintained with the automobile body consistent, the sense of unification is stronger. With the consistent tradition before Bie Kezhi similar, also having on the automobile body of this car wifeless much chromium makes component your car grabs an eye even more.

Inside hidden from view of Angkelei gets new fund even more modern, included using even more inferior material amount. The interior trim floodlight that puts blue on the ice lets the concealed inside the car get even more capacious, union a few soft good material measures Zhan Muwen to build adorn, the sweet feeling inside the car arises spontaneously.

In this, the system of entertainment of IntelliLink doubt breath that does not overcome also can appear to be on this car, that builds buy had liquid crystal concealed shows screen, and can adopt blue tooth technique or join of a photograph of ample opportunity of USB heart and intelligence. The scent of the air conditioning area inside the car is 3, by drive personnel to be able to adjust according to his be fond of the temperature of need.

Install neat dot as to automobile body, 2013 Biekeangkelei used in front of the gasbag of the An Qi central, can make the passenger of the driver’s seat and deputy driver seat is suffering side to choose percussive time more An Qi. And new car borrows the around damping that used the new funds to take place, make those who get a car operate sense is better, and drive rise even more comfortable. The engineers that do not overcome go out have done in the dot on the engine of the car any alter, still be before using 3.6 fall V6 engine, but the automatic gear-box passed the 6 archives that automobile body builds equipment to build, shift gears is more convenient.

The time that thunder appears on the market should meet 2013 Bie Keang divisions to be in ancient year spring, should meet at the appointed time have more new detailed-car information, please All the expect.

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