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Document Management is vital for business.  Without it, many problems can happen.  The more streamlined and automated it is better.  Many businesses continue to have faith in manual Document Processing, with regards to outbound documentation and even invoice processing.  With the assistance of Enterprise Resource Planning, or using some kind of software system.  ERP has, traditionally, been used by corporate businesses, as a way to integrate their Document Management and Invoice Processing data systems, used through the whole of their organization.  Normally, this will involve a selection of varying hardware components and a variety of software.  Even so, times are changing, in more ways than one, and today, even small scale businesses are utilizing ERP to organize their Document Processing.

Today, the perception of Document Management is advancing and is highly comprehensive.  The face of the document and Invoice Processing is changing.  New, technology is able to provide incredibly powerful and user-friendly software, which can be combined with the most traditional ERP systems.  Or, used as well as an existing third-party software.   State of the art Document Management and Invoice Processing software offers a unifying platform, for all your existing Document Processing components.  Therefore, unifying and streamlining operations, and making them more effective.

Traditional Document Management, ERP, systems can be bulky, and with so many components, they might become fragmented and overly complex.  This invariably creates many problems, and so, there is a sure need, for businesses, to find a Document Processing system that will be able to address this issue.  The pluses of using the new, more powerful systems are numerous.

Reduced Cost – in particular with regards to Invoice Processing

Improved Control – reduce fraud & realize errors.  All of which will lose your profit

Enhance Supplier Relationships – payments made, on time, always.

Reduce Waste – less printing, and more Document Processing minimizes your ‘Carbon Footprint’

Improve Morale – less Document Processing means your staff can get on with more interesting duties.

The pluses of a state of the art Document Management system will surpass any singular improvement, which might be made within any company department, or by any single individual.  Why? Because they address the actual issue of Document Processing, and that is unification.

The new generation Document Management software is in line with EU Legislation, the US Sarbanes Oxley Act 2002, and the UK HM Revenue & Customs.  It can be integrated with most of the existing ERP systems. Including:


Microsoft Dynamics AX



Regardless of size, there is always one particular thing all successful businesses have in common.  They keep tabs on the way their budget is being spent and keep their outgoings to a minimum.  A streamlined and integrated Document Management system demands less human resources, less paper, and less office space.  Therefore, document and invoice processing expenditures are reduced, making these Document Management systems extremely cost-effective.  Optimize your company’s Document Processing.  Keep track of what is happening to your company’s revenue.  Have that information available to you, and your staff, where and when it is important.  Be informed. Save Money. Get Integrated!

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