7 Marketing Tips for Business


I spent the better part of my day today at Career Day at my alma mater. The alumni coordinator asked if I would speak about marketing since I had a 13-year career in branding and package design for consumer products and now am working to promote my new book.

I was really excited to get to talk about marketing because no matter what these girls do in life, from writing apps to selling cupcakes, the following marketing skills will be applicable.

Here’s a look at my most important messages (AKA the ones that I live by):

  1. Know and understand your customer, consumer, client in every which way.
  2.  Be a number cruncher. Look at stats, dig for trends, study behavior. Every time someone repins one of my posts on Pinterest I look to see what it was b/c I want to know right away what content of mine is resonating with my audience.
    3. Build a brand and keep it consistent. Eventually, people should see your work and know it’s your voice, your colors, your photography.
  3. Communication is key. Be persistent, timely, and succinct.
  4. Every time you pitch a story or project, ask yourself, “why will anyone care?” If you have the answer say it. If you don’t, hang up or hit delete.
  5. Know your audience so well that you know everywhere to find them. This includes partnering with other business owners to broaden your reach.BTW, I’m going to be doing a virtual blog tour from my book. If you have a DIY blog and want me to stop by, let me know, please.
  6. Network with everyone. Part of the reason I went today was to connect with other professionals. I scanned the list and found there were another author and a publisher in the group. I didn’t leave without introducing myself and exchanging business cards.

I just hope all the students I spoke with today realize all the opportunities they have in front of them. I’d like to tap myself at age 17 on the shoulder and say the same thing!

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